::DEBATE:: Does Anyone Actually Use Their Bloglovin’?


I have an account and all, but no one really gives comments on there or does anything but read my blog, doesn’t seem like a lot of interaction happens there.. am i wrong? I’m probably just not adapting well to it.. A lot of people read my posts but that’s about it. I try and read other blogs and like a bunch of stuff but they never reciprocate.. am i missing something?

xoxo, hunnyy


  1. I pretty much never use Bloglovin’. I haven’t really ever gotten into it, bordering on not even knowing how to use it and what its features are. I far prefer to browse blogs through the WordPress reader, but that of course limits me to only WordPress blogs! Bloglovin’ just hasn’t drawn me in for some reason. I think I need to make more of an effort to use it!

    1. I feel the same way!! Like i spend so much time on wordpress anyway, i never remember to check through bloglovin!!

  2. I love using Bloglovin to keep up with my favorite blogs. I save a lot of posts to go back and read over the weekend. If I didn’t have it, I probably wouldn’t read as many as I do. I don’t get much traffic from it though.

    1. can you read the whole post from bloglovin or does it direct u to their actual site?

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