::FRIYAY:: INNISFREE x MR. MEN LITTLE MISS NAIL STICKERSFriday is heree!! This week feels like it went by in a flash. It’s like the middle of April already!! Anywhoo today I have a cute nail look for your Friyay Nail Inspo!

Innisfree did a cute collabo with Mr. Men Little Miss characters to create these nail stickers! They even sell a Innisfree x Mr.Men Little Miss Summer Water Play Kit that includes a zipper pouch filled with sample sized Innisfree skincare!

My cousin got me these but I have no idea how much they cost.. I looked all over online and Naver but I couldn’t find anyone else who reviewed these or even sold them. Maybe these are limited edition 🙂 lol. It looks like Amazon used to sell these but the webpage is no longer available .. rip.


So you can definitely use these stickers on your toes but I put them on my nails! If you put one sticker on each nail, you have enough to last you at least two manicures~

The directions say to apply a base coat to clean fingers, choose which stickers to apply and stick them to your nail. Apply a top coat or clear polish to keep elongate the life of the stickers.

::FRIYAY:: INNISFREE x MR. MEN LITTLE MISS NAIL STICKERSAs you can see there are about 30 stickers total, excluding the big “Today is a sunshine day” sticker. I’m not sure if this is even a sticker..might just be a picture to fill empty space lol.

Anywayy I have used about 70% of the stickers on this set and I have to say I am not happy with it. 

The stickers are pretty thin so you need to be very very gentle when applying these. Also, they’re kind of stiff so the corners don’t lay flat on my nail bed..even after applying a top coat.


The little corners scratch me after they dry.. like when I brush my hand up against something I can feel the dry stiff corners and it rips the whole sticker off.. soo they don’t last very long at all..

This picture on my left isn’t even my first attempt with the stickers-it’s my second! Reason why is because I waited 24 to take a picture and by then half the stickers were gone and my nails looked like a hot mess.

All in all these stickers suck. I’m gonna be honest, they don’t last long, they scratch me, they’re cute but they’re cute for like 6 hours and then they go to shit. So would I recommend? Nah. Save your money.

If anyone can find out the actual price of these let me know!! I’m really curious.. lol I feel like they should only cost $2 but knowing Innisfree it’s probably sold for like $4..

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