::THOUGHTS:: Celebrity Cosmetics Lines

KakaoTalk_20171207_223819544Celebrity Cosmetics lines to swear by? Are there any? I mean, I know people rave about Fenty’s shade variety and Kylie’s lip kits are all the rage, but are any of them really great quality?

I did see criticism about Kylie’s line and how her lippie ingredients were almost identical to other lip products on the market. So are we just paying more money for the brand? I think yes. 100%. Unless the product has one impeccable shade that I can’t find elsewhere I have no interest in getting celebrities’ beauty products. Nowadays everyone and their mother has a cosmetics line.. KKW, Jessica Alba and I saw recently that J.Lo is even starting a beauty line? I don’t think there is any celebrity that I would go out and seek their beauty products if they were to create one.. unless it was maybe SNSD Yoona or Taeyeon.. otherwise I’m not interested.

These are just some thoughts I had this week~ lemme know what you think! Do you feel differently and have a celeb line you love? 

Until next time bunnies~

xoxo, hunnyy


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3 thoughts on “::THOUGHTS:: Celebrity Cosmetics Lines

  1. I totally agree with you. Yes, the product and packaging of the celebrity beauty products is very lovely, but to pay outrageous money is outrageous when you can actually find dupes for WAAAAY less money and they perform just as good if not better.

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  2. Yea, I feel like celebrity lines tend to be a gimmick most times, but not always. The only thing I will really try out without hesitation is perfume because I absolutely love perfume and I don’t care if it’s designer, celebrity, or Bath & Body Works lol. For J.Lo though, her getting a beauty line seems like it was kind of inevitable. She has had a perfume line and clothing line for YEARS. I’m talking, the early 2000’s. So her getting a beauty line doesn’t really bother me. Her stuff usually tends to be be affordable too. Anyway, sorry for the long comment lol


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