::QUESTION:: Should I go to BTS ‘Love Yourself’ Concert?

I’m so torn! I’ve spoken to all my friends about it and I can’t decide!! I haven’t been to a BTS concert since 2015 (The Red Bullet in NYC) and I really really wanna see them but the logistics of it.. The financial aspect.. It’ll cost a ton of money to go and get the hotel, and traveling..

I’d be going to the Newark concert.. if you’re planning on going lemme know!! 🙂

I also can’t decide if I go- should I try and get tickets for the pit of should I just get seat tickets?? Seat tickets have the best situation cause I wouldnt have to camp out or wait in line all day but the view from the boys would be sooo far..

The pit tickets would give me the best view but I’d have to stand in line for over 10 hours and push and shove during the actual concert.. AHKK. I really can’t decide.

What would y’all do in my situation??

Lemme know in the comments below!! <3



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  1. If it was me I might not go there and plan something different! But if that is making you sleepless then give it a try. Though it sounds so much hassel so my opinion is not to go 😊

  2. That’s my current dilemma between LA and Oakland. The latter is closer to me. But in this case if it really is going to be like the Hunger Games to get tickets for this, then I volunteer as tribute! Lol, this would be my first K-Pop concert if I’m successful. I’d be bummed if I didn’t try.

    1. LOLOL I volunteer as tribute!!! I know right, this is all dependent on if i can even purchase a ticket!! I went to the 2015 bts concert and even back then it was hard for me to get tickets! godspeed to both of us! lemme know if u succeed next week!! 🙂

      1. I managed to get a ticket to the second LA show after almost 2 hours online. The seats look a bit far, but at least I’m not too far from the stage. How’d you do?

      2. I got diddly squat!! Tried for Newark for 2 hours and couldn’t get through 🙁

  3. Go for it! The whole deal, pit tix and all. You’ll have a great story to tell afterward, no regrets or “I shoulda” moments. You are young and can do it! How often does BTS come to the US?
    P.S. My dad is 80, and he just went to a Led Zeppelin cover band concert with his wife in April. In March, they went to see Fleetwood Mac. No regrets.

  4. Oh girl same dilemma here!!!!
    I’m thinking of going with the one in Newark too since it’s closer. If ever you/we are going I think it’s better to go all out and get that pit tix because it’s BTS and this is a once in a blue moon chance and because why the hell not it’s time to treat ourselves… or so what I think whenever I tell myself that it’s expensive😂😂😂
    May 5th is creeping in we should decide soon 😅😅😅

  5. I think it honestly depends on you as a person. I personally would not want to stand for the entire concert, nor do I do well with standing in line for hours on end and having to deal with pushing and shoving because girls are super eager to see their bias and are crying and falling all over each other. I would just go for the seated tickets.
    I am going to the Got7 concert in NY in July (my first ever real concert!) and I got the P2 tickets. No mosh-pit for me.

    1. oh wow!! i didnt even know got7 was coming to america this year!! i wanna see jinyoungggggg!

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