::REVIEW:: NYX Wonder Stick!

::REVIEW:: NYX Wonder Stick! heyhunnyyHi guys! Happy Wednesday! I hope this week isn’t kicking you in the butt too hard~ This week I have a review of NYX Wonder Stick!  I got this product from a friend who purchased it on Wish app, I believe? One of those apps where they sell makeup products for like $1.. I don’t really believe in these apps nor trust them.. but I swatched the product nontheless! The product sells at Target and Ulta anywhere from $9 to $11. It looks like it could go either way in terms of authenticity but I can’t find much evidence online to prove it is a fake..

::REVIEW:: NYX Wonder Stick! heyhunnyyAnywhoo, let’s move on to the actual swatches~

This is the highlight end, it’s a really diluted shimmer, almost reaches a pretty champagne color but just falls short.

When applying, it’s thick and cheap feeling.. adding two layers of this on your face would definitely lead to caking.


Moving on to the contour end!

::REVIEW:: NYX Wonder Stick! heyhunnyyThis is a shot of the highlight on the left, and the contour on the right.

As you can see this is a brown that does NOT match my skin tone.. I don’t want to insult the color too much because I’m sure there is someone out there that might need this shade for their skin but it’s so not for me personally. It wont blend seamlessly into my color palette..

Another thing I really don’t enjoy is how it just sits on my skin. It should accentuate your skin to make it look flawless not exaggerate the creases on your face..

::REVIEW:: NYX Wonder Stick! heyhunnyyThis is the final product after 10 minutes of blending.. I don’t like it!

I haven’t touched this product since these pictures were taken. I feel really bad since my friend gave this to me but I just can’t use it. I honestly believe from the bottom of my heart that this product is a complete fake.

NYX may be an inexpensive brand but it doesn’t make shitty products.

What do you guys think? Did I make the right conclusion or did I not give it enough of a chance? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I actually have purchased some makeup products from the Wish App, but I stopped cuz I can either go to Shop Miss A where you can get products for $1.00 + $3.95 shipping and she tells you on her site how she gets the products so inexpensively and a lot of her stuff is Cruelty Free or my hush app where shipping is FREE on all orders. I would agree it does seem very cheap for an NYX product. I say good call on this!!

    1. oooh!! ive never heard of Miss A! I shall look into it! lolol. thanks so much for reading love!!

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