::AFTERMATH:: Bad Girl Nails Removal!

::AFTERMATH:: Bad Girl Nails Removal! heyhunnyy Happy Friday! Do you guys remember the Bad Girl Nails I did a few weeks back? Well taking off this badass look was a pain in my ass..

Took over twenty minutes and I couldn’t even salvage the nail jewels.. 🙁

It hurts my soul looking at these pictures..

So I first tried removing the black nail polish with cotton pads and cotton swabs, the problem was the black color would bleed onto the nail jewel and the nail glue was so thick I had to chip the jewels to get it off..

::AFTERMATH:: Bad Girl Nails Removal! HeyhunnyyI had to use sooooooo much acetone to get it all off my nails. Afterwards the jewels had the entire layer of nail polish on its back.. I tried to erase this by dunking the jewels in a little bowl of acetone and letting it sit for 20 minutes.

Long story short it did not work- the jewels are forever ruined. Since acetone dries really fast, only the acetone dried up and it left a sticky residue on the jewels. This sticky residue also did not come off..lol. So I had no choice but to throw the jewels in the trash..

::AFTERMATH:: Bad Girl Nails Removal! Heyhunnyy

That’s the sucky thing about such good 3d nail art, they’re single use only.

I really tried..

Rest in peace the $3 I spent on these jewels lol

Do you guys have disaster stories about a failed nail look? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time,

xoxo, hunnyy

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