::UPDATE:: Couldn’t Get BTS Concert Tickets..

::UPDATE:: Couldn't Get BTS Concert Tickets.. heyhunnyyAaaaand my life is an ocean of sadness… Hi guyss~ Happy Friday. Remember last week when I posted about trying to get BTS concert tickets for their Love Yourself Tour? Well tickets went on sale Saturday at 10am, my two friends and I were poised and ready! We all had like 10 tabs open on 5 devices to buy tickets as soon as 10am hit and NONE of us got tickets. I waited and waited while Ticketmaster told me to “Sit Tight” and two hours later and they kept trolling me!! I would wait patiently for the page to load and by the time it loaded, “Another fan had beat me for the tickets“.. this happened over and over again for two hours.. Same thing happened to my friends so no dice.

A few hours later Powerhouse announced they’d be having a FOURTH show in L.A being sold on Wednesday so I was like Alrighty I’ll give it one more try! On wednesday, same story.. I waited and waited for pages to load just for the tickets to be unavailable.. Powerhouse’s website actually crashed for a good five minutes lol. My friends and I are so devastated and upset~ Like how hard is it to get these tickets!!!  LOL I’m still so bitter. And yes, I saw the tweets from the “fans” who tweeted shit like “I GOT TICKETS! I dont know all their names yet!”.. I hope Karma gets them. 

So yeah.. that’s the end to my sad story. I guess it just wasnt meant to be.. On the upside I saved at least $600 that I would’ve spent on tickets, travel, hotel and food..~ Instead Drew and I decided to spend a weekend at a water park! hehe <3

How about you guys! Did anyone succeed at getting tickets?! Lemme know in the comments!!

xoxo, hunnyy


    1. aww~ my friend was like lets get scalper tickets!! but im too afraid.. lol

  1. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get tickets. There is nothing worse than not being able to see your favorite group. I almost didn’t get Shinee tickets when they came to Dallas, and ugh doesn’t it frustrate you when people get good tickets to see a band that they don’t know…karma will get them. ^_^

    1. yesssss exactlyy you understand my lifeeee! lol. hopefully ill see them next time around~~ how was seeing SHINee?!

    1. ahkkk!! I wish you the best of luck!!! try getting tickets with a bunch of your friends to increase your chances!! let me know what happens! ^^

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