::FIRST IMPRESSIONS:: UKISS Eyelash Curler heyhunnyyHi bunnies!! Happy Wednesday! Today I have a mini eyelash curler I got from Yesstyle! This is the UKISS Miss Mega Eye-lash Refined Eyelash Curler and I purchased it for $3.40. Really great priceeee- SO CHEAP πŸ™‚
The confusing thing about this product is the entire thing is in Japanese and Yesstyle titles it under a different name.. They categorize it as the “Lazy Corner – Eyelash Curler” But Imma go with the name that is on the actual box~

::FIRST IMPRESSIONS:: UKISS Miss Mega Eye-lash Refined Eyelash Curler heyhunnyyYesstyle has the following description: “Simple eyelash curler made from stainless steel creates a natural-looking curl that opens up and adds dimension and depth to your gaze. Use before applying mascara.”

As you can see this is not your average eyelash curler, these are mini ones that are made for more control and individualized curling. I bought this because on my right eye my lashes grow kind of uneven so when I use a regular eyelash curler it doesn’t grasp all of my lashes.

After opening the packaging and trying to use it, it’s just okay. I guess I got what I paid for since it was so inexpensive..

::FIRST IMPRESSIONS:: UKISS Miss Mega Eye-lash Refined Eyelash Curler heyhunnyyYou can also use mini lashes to curl your lower lashes but I can’t seem to get a handle on it.. like I have to maneuver how I hold the curler and maybe my lashes are just too short, it just doesn’t curl the way I want. Eh.. work in progress. I shall keep trying and keep you guys updated!!

Have you guys ever tried a mini lash curler? Any tips so I can curl my lower lashes without feeling like a ding-dong? LOL πŸ™‚

Also! Anyone know what this product’s actual name is?? I’m dying to knoww~~

Until Friday!!~

xoxo, hunnyy

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