::HUNNYYTRIES:: Powder Collagen from Shiseido!!

photogrid_1527121690604835112009.jpg*Angelic voices* ahhh~~ THE COLLAGEN! The holy grail of youth!!

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Amazon and I saw that Shiseido had a line of Collagen products! They have Collagen drinks, powders, smoothie mixes and pills! All are supposed to help your skin and body look and feel younger! Here are the claims:

Fat free

-“Formulated with Shiseido’s patented ingredients 
(cowberry and amla fruit extracts) 
for their beauty effect as the combination.

-Components: (per 6g) energy 21kcal, protein 5.2g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 0.042g, sodium 3 ~ 50mg, vitamin C 50mg, collagen 5000mg, hyaluronic acid 1mg

-Ceramide 600μg / Ingredients: collagen peptide(from fish) , erythritol, milk calcium, Amla fruit extract, dextrin, lingonberry juice, Konnyaku potato extract, sugar cane extract, trehalose, vitamin C, flavor, hyaluronic acid

-Amount of use(a day): A level spoonful (about 6g).

-Both hot drinks and cold drinks / Made in Japan

Okay. What does all this mean?? Well it’s a supplement that is supposed to make your skin look GOOD basically. Do I believe it? Maybe. I mean, it’s like taking omega 3 pills right? && it’s made by Shiseido which is a huge cosmetics company based in Japan. If I were ever to try a collagen powder it’d be from this company.

I chose to try the powder over the other options because it was cheaper. One bag of the powder costs about $20 on amazon where the pills were like $50 for the same amount. Each product is supposed to last about 21 days- both the pills and the powder so either way if it lasts 21 days I should take the cheaper option right? The only negative with this is that you can taste the powder.. the reviews said they had a fishy taste if you drank it with water, so I shall be trying this with anything but water to drown out the possible stank taste 🙂

I got this package delivered the other day and have yet to try it!! I will be chronicling my collagen adventures on this blog hunnyy.com so stay tuned!! Do you guys think itll work or if it’s just a fancy scam? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I had tried it long ago in fact most of the Japan collagen . I am drinking Asashi now which had probiotics added in. Won’t felt a heavy different if u start drinking

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