::KBEAUTY SUBSCRIPTION BOX:: W.I.N. Beauty KitHi lovelies!! Wednesday sure came fast! Thank Jesus for memorial day, that was a much needed break! lol What did u guys do this past weekend?

Today I have a review of a subscription service I’ve had for the last year – W.I.N. Beauty Kit! Last March I researched Kbeauty subscription services like crazy because the Kbeauty shopping in my area is pretty limited and I wanted a way to get the newest Kbeauty products while living in America.

There are so many subscription services out there, Sephora, Ipsy, Birchbox, even Walmart has a beauty box subscription! lol but I really wanted something exclusively Kbeauty and I also wanted it to only have sample sizes. Why sample sizes you ask? I know, sounds nuts; most people want full size products but I don’t! I’d rather get millions of sample sizes and try every single product out there than getting only a few full-sized products and only getting to try a fraction of the products on the market. This way I can try everything and find the best of the best!

After much research I settled on the W.I.N. Beauty Kit because it was only about $14 a month and gave me 5-6 samples + a really cute bag! Best price, shipped to America and had a decent rating~

photogrid_1521690671075126872746.jpgSo I have a few pictures showing some of the bags I’ve received over the last year and unfortunately this subscription has gone out of business.. I got an email saying their expenses were too much and they couldn’t continue running the business anymore.. RIP. I was really disappointed because it was so much fun getting new surprises every month!

In terms of service, I never had problems with W.I.N… I think during the holidays my delivery was a few days late but they explained the delay was due to holiday season and blah blah so it was fine, no big deal~~ The product always came in a very secure gold packaging and came without defects! The only thing is it didn’t have the newest products, it had products from previous years, steady sellers, nothing I’d never seen before.

Now that W.I.N is gone I don’t know if I want to try another subscription.. Mask Maven looks really good but I’d want more than just masks.. and I don’t wanna spend over $20 a month on it.. What do you guys think? Is there a subscription box you swear by? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!

xoxo, hunnyy

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