::REVIEW:: The Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask Collection!

::REVIEW:: The Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask Collection!Hi hunnyys!! Happy Sunday! Today I have a really cool collection to show you guys! This is the Neutrogena Mask Collection! I had the opportunity with collab with Neutrogena to show you a few of their masks! I have here the Radiance Boost Brightening Mask, Hydro Boost Hydrating Mask and the Hydro Boost Overnight Gel Mask!! These masks are meant to saturate the skin with nourishing essences and then lock them in!

Today I tried the Radiance Boost Brightening 100% Hydrogel mask! This mask has niacinamide that improves tone and luminosity.  If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile then you know how much I prefer hydrogel masks over cotton sheet masks before they help my skin absorb so much more and it’s never scratchy or stings!

::REVIEW:: The Neutrogena Hydrogel Mask Collection! heyhunnyy

As you can see the mask has a slight pink color to match the packaging but it is pretty translucent. The mask has a slight fragrance smell but doesn’t sting at all. Being a hydrogel mask, it has a cooling effect which is nice~ It also fits my face really well and doesn’t slip off.

Also! The best part! SOOOO much extra essence inside the packaging I put it all over my neck and arms!

I kept this mask on for 30 minutes as directed and I’m feeling gooooodddd~ Does my skin look brighter? I can’t really tell, maybe by tomorrow I’ll look more bright and more awake!! hehe

I have a preview of the other two masks that I have left to review!!

Also here is the marketing paper with all the details of the mask collection for those interested!! <3


Okay that’s all for today lovelies!! Have you guys tried the Neutrogena collection yet?? Lemme know what you think!! Should I get the Deep Clean Purifying mask to complete my collection? LOL 🙂

Until next time guys!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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