::Friyay!:: BANGTAN NAIL FAILI tried.. I really did.. LOL

I had all my nail polishes and designs ready to paint and disaster struck. Why? Because I am not artistically talented, that’s why. Rip my lifeee, I’ve never been good at drawing and it shows when I try to paint my nails..

The only face that survived was poor Tata~ all the others looked so bad I erased them and just left the base coat colors.. 🙁 Seriously, I drew the eyes on unevenly, they had squares for eyes when they should’ve had circles, all my drawings were out of proportion and they looked nothing like BT21 🙁

::Friyay!:: BANGTAN NAIL FAILYou see the mess I left in my wake? I had black nail polish all over my desk too LOL

I am happy with the way Tata came out! He does need one black strip on his mouth but I didn’t wanna take my chances and screw up this nail too so I left it with just a yellow mouth 🙂
::Friyay!:: BANGTAN NAIL FAILThis is the final look! I thought the base colors looked a bit plain so I splashed on some nail glue and my 3D jewels! I have pink hearts, dark pink hearts and white & blue pearls!! This way it still has BT21 colors but with a little bit of femininity~


What do you guys think?! Any tips so next time I don’t massively fail? LOL I promise, next time I will come to you guys with better results! <3

Until next time!
xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Aww the Tata is so cute! Also, love the 3D jewels. I need to do that with my nails someday.

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