::GARDENING:: Struggles to keep a plant alive|ALOE|

::GARDENING:: Attempting to keep  a plant alive|ALOE|Hi bunnyys!! It is Wednesday and I have a crick in my neck.. totally slept wrong last night! Hope you guys are having a better start to your day than me! :) Today I wanted to share with you guys my aloe plant that I bought back in December and have been trying to keep alive!

I have never been into gardening or flowers or anything of the sort but over Christmas Drew and I went to a nursery and I saw this little aloe plant with two little stalks for $7 and I went “why not!” LOL. I bought one for me and one for my grandma who lovesssssss to garden~

I kept mine on my kitchen windowsill for the first 4 months where it really didn’t grow.. it actually wilted a lot.. The tips were turning brown, the stalks were weak and it looked like it wouldn’t last much longer. I talked to my coworker who has her own aloe plant in our office (and hers is magnificently huge, like it is as tall as my desk!!) and she said make sure my plant gets A LOT of sunlight and water once a week or once every two weeks, depending on how dry the fertilizer is in the pot. I took her advice and moved my aloe from the kitchen to the front of the house which gets a lot more sun than the kitchen window~ I waited for a few weeks and WOW what a difference! My aloe is thriving!! It’s growing new stalks, the brownness is all gone, it’s getting taller and taller <3

photogrid_15280654361331772433994.jpgI come downstairs every morning and I’m really proud of my little plant <3 Not to mention aloe is a great skincare ingredient!! One day I might take one of these stalks and apply it but I wanna look into it more! :)

Do you guys have any plants in your home? Lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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