::MAKEUP SHELF:: Custom Built Makeup Shelf!

::MAKEUP SHELF:: Custom Built Makeup Shelf!

Happy Friday!!

This week ZOOMED by and I hope y’all enjoy the weekend to come!!

I have the most beautiful piece of furniture to show you guys!! My dad built me a shelf for my makeup!

My dad really likes making furniture, its like his hobby so I asked him if he could make a shelf where I could display my makeup!

I have so much makeup and skincare products that it spills over my desk and shelves.

If you look at this before picture, you can see that the white shelf on the right is just overflowing with all kinds of stuff and there is no cohesive look.. I really hated digging around for stuff and the stuff in the back would just get forgotten and gather dust! I’m the type that needs my ducks in a row or else I’ll completely forget I have them.

photogrid_1528065288691441191113.jpgRegular bookshelves only have like 3 levels so there’s only so much I can stock in there without knocking stuff over so I asked my dad to make the levels a lot smaller so I can have like 8-9 levels and it worked! It is exactly what I envisioned to display all my products and the pretty packaging!

I love the colors spread out over each shelf, the variety of makeup products, skincare products and cute plushies and figurines!

I hope guys liked this post! Show me what your Shelfie looks like too!

Until next time,

xoxo, hunnyy

::MAKEUP SHELF:: Custom Built Makeup Shelf! heyhunnyy


  1. OMG I love it! Way easier to organize. I’m trying myself to get all make makeup clutter organized and I have to tell you that it’s a struggle. Your dad did a great job!!!!

  2. What an excellent set up and good thinking about having smaller shelves to stock more items. ♥

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