::Nail Inspiration:: Holographic Blue Jewels

::Nail Inspiration:: Holographic Blue JewelsGuys I’m gonna be completely honest – the alignment on WordPress is bothering the bejesus out of me. It’s driving me nuts how the pictures align one way when I’m writing the post, but when it’s published it looks completely different!!

However, I shall power through! Screw it, I’m just gonna hope for the best! lol

Anywhoo, happy Friday!! I caught a cold this week so everything was put on hold for a few days while I slept it off 🙂

Today I have a really cute look for you guyss!! My blue holographic nail polish from Nature Republic and my 3D gold jewels I got from eBay!!

::Nail Inspiration:: Holographic Blue Jewels::Nail Inspiration:: Holographic Blue Jewels

What do you guys think??! I wanted a dainty but still trendy look~ So its partly royal partly unicorn <3 lolol. I used nail glue to stick the jewels on but of course.. not even 2 hours later….

20180429_1416201680635844.jpgAnother one bites the dust..

I can never keep 3D jewels on for more than a few hours.. I think I was just putting my seat belt on when the jewel fell off.. and I’m always afraid I’m gonna lose it in public and won’t be able to find the jewel again 🙁

Ahh but I digress~

What did you guys think? Do you guys have trouble keeping your nails intact like I do? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time loves!



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  1. Wow these are one of my favorite nail looks from you! So beautiful!

  2. The alignment on WordPress annoys me too! Such a gorgeous look, I love the colour of them x

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