::YOUTUBE:: Eric Nam Honestly Tour in DC Experience!

::ERIC NAM:: Honestly Tour in DC Experience!I HAD THE BEST TIMEEEEEE. Best Saturday ever. Do you guys knew Eric Nam? Really hot Kpop singer from Georgia? I’ve been a fan ever since I heard “Heaven’s Doors” when he debuted but I never thought I’d ever see him live in concert. My friend is a huge fan and got tickets to his DC concert and I was like “ehh if no one else will go with you, I will“. To be honest I’m really tired from work lately and Saturdays is like one of my only days to rest and I’ve been to a concert before – I know how TIRING it is to get all ready, stand in line, get pushed and shoved so I wasn’t really feeling the whole concert thing. But as the months went by I got my outfit ready and I mentally prepared myself for this day!

My friend and I got to the venue around 3PM and VIP had a meet & greet at 5:30 (we had VIP tickets yasssssssss) but standing in line drained me… The people in line were nice and all, but there was this one chick behind us who kept smoking!!! And the wind kept blowing the smoke on us! I didn’t want to meet Eric smelling like cigarettes!!! BLEH this girl worked my nervessss.. After like 3 cigarettes she stopped thank god. Also the weather was better than I had hoped. The forecast called for rain all day but it was just a bit sticky, no rain or anything~

photogrid_152988746522874035040219633033.jpgAt around 5:40 they finally started to let us into the venue and fans tried to cut in line and we were like nah man, you best get to the back! LOL. Once we got in, we got our wristbands, and stood in line for the meet & greet!! Music was pumping, we saw the stage and everything started to sink in!!! I got a little hysterical because I’ve never met a celebrity EVER before so I did not know how to handle my life lol. 🙂

Eric came out aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand I panicked. He is tall!! A good 5’8! I know this because the girl in front of me told me she is 5’7 and Eric was about an inch taller than her!! I was so afraid of tripping or doing something stupid that I kinda blanked. When it was our turn to take a picture, I started walking towards him, looking from side to side like “am I allowed to do this??”~ It was totally crazy!! My friend high fived him first and I high fived him AND HE LOOKED AT ME and said hello!! I was completely shook. He put his arms around us and I don’t even remember the face I made for the camera but I’m pretty sure it looked stupid. LOL I’m a little nervous to see what the pictures look like..

photogrid_1529887498430819731716481934330.jpgAfter that, we all walked towards the stage to get readyyyyyyyyyyyy~ But the concert didn’t start for legit two hours. I was wilting.. by this time my feet were burning, I was hungry, thirsty, tired and all I wanted to do was sit down somewhere.. They played music while we waited and people got turnt but I was saving my energy 🙂

At around 7:40 the openers started! They were a duo band called Loote and they were really talented. I feel bad because I was so tired and so ready for Eric I just calmly listened to their set, I didn’t go nuts or anything~

THEN FINALLY AT 8 ERIC STARTED. I couldn’t believe my eyesss he is so handsome!!! He had four backup dancers who were really great! But I kept my eyes on Eric the whole time! He was so close when he sang, I saw his gums and the back of his mouth LOLOL too close, im sorry I couldn’t help myself~

He sang sooo many songs and he had like 10 ments where he talked to us, did silly things and really related to us. HE IS SO FUNNY. I wasn’t expecting such an amazing sense of humor! He should totally look into being a comedian if he gets bored of singing 🙂 I combined all of his talking ments into my video! Deff check it out!

Omg- the crowd.. I was really close to the front but that meant whenever Eric reached out his arm or threw flowers into the crowd that everyone pushed and shoved and pressed me up against the poor people in front of me! Also the girl behind me really got into herself and started jiggling in all sorts of ways and she was so close that her front sweat became my back sweat and it was really gross. I was trying to stay in my own bubble but it’s a concert, it’s impossible to stay untouched lol.

photogrid_15298875317176336083564019986484.jpgHis singing though – I was 100% impressed. Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of his live radio performances from years ago and I never really thought he was great live. I was just like eh, most artists aren’t and that’s okay. I still liked Eric and watched his shows~ So I had almost no expectations when it came to his singing last night but BOY WAS I IN FOR A TREAT. He had like no mistakes, his pitch was on point and he belted out them songs~~~!! He was truly an amazing artist <3 I was really happy to sing along to my favorite songs and oooh!! He did body rolls and all these cute faces! I died like ten times. I was in the third row so I saw ERRTHANG. Whoo <3

photogrid_15298875865068231239054486222702.jpgEric did one or two encore songs and then he went bye byes<3 I was exhausted by 9:30 but it was totally worth it!! I headed straight towards the bar and got a Red Bull and a water LOL. We also got our concert merchandise which was a signed poster!! Totally a bonus! There was an extra line if you wanted to buy Eric Nam Merch but the line was really freaking long and I was close to passing out so it was time for us to go home~

::ERIC NAM:: Honestly Tour in DC Experience! heyhunnyy.jpgAll in all I had the best night. Some minor troubles and exhaustion but I don’t regret a thing and I’m really glad my friend let me go with her<3

I totally recommend you guys see Eric Nam in concert if you get the chance! He’s still touring in the U.S now!!



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  1. 5’8 for a guy is considered tall? Definitely not where I’m from, lol. But my brother likes Eric Nam. I’ve never listened to him tho. Now I’m intrigued

    1. Lol for small asians like me-yes! Especially since idols are known to overestimate their height, I was afraid he’d be like 5’5 or something lol

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