::REVIEW:: Shiseido The Collagen Supplemental Powder!

::REVIEW:: Shiseido The Collagen Supplemental Powder!Hi bunnyys!! Remember I mentioned a few weeks ago I was trying the Shiseido Collagen powder to try and transform my skin? Well I finally finished the powder!! It took about a month when it should have taken 21 days. I took a bit longer because I had the powder on my desk at work and on the weekends I went without it~ So what did I think!? First, let’s go over what the product is and claims to do –

Here are the claims:

Fat free

-“Formulated with Shiseido’s patented ingredients 
(cowberry and amla fruit extracts) 
for their beauty effect as the combination.

-Components: (per 6g) energy 21kcal, protein 5.2g, fat 0g, carbohydrate 0.042g, sodium 3 ~ 50mg, vitamin C 50mg, collagen 5000mg, hyaluronic acid 1mg

-Ceramide 600μg / Ingredients: collagen peptide(from fish) , erythritol, milk calcium, Amla fruit extract, dextrin, lingonberry juice, Konnyaku potato extract, sugar cane extract, trehalose, vitamin C, flavor, hyaluronic acid

-Amount of use(a day): A level spoonful (about 6g).

-Both hot drinks and cold drinks / Made in Japan

::REVIEW:: Shiseido The Collagen Supplemental Powder!.jpgSo the big question – how did it taste?! Not great. I could tell the collagen peptide was from fish because it tasted like fish! Like that fishy odor from the seafood section of your Asian mart? That’s what it smelled like when you open the bag. I never ever mixed it with water because I was afraid it’d be awful.. I first mixed it with my grape juice and it looked wierd! LOL it wouldn’t dissolve into the juice so I just kind of stirred it then downed it. It was like someone had dunked a fish in my grape juice. Bleh. But if it made my skin beautiful I was willing to drink it.



After that I drank the powder with coffee everyday~ It wasn’t too bad. I developed a habit of waiting until there were about two sips left in my coffee then mixed the powder in. That way I only had two sips of the fishy coffee 🙂 It dissolved well into the coffee too! It also works with hot chocolate or another thick drink that would cover the fishy taste.

Well was it worth it?  After 30 days I can honestly say that my face and skin don’t feel THAT different. I definitely had no blemishes during the month I had the powder and my skin didn’t feel too dry after work which is good but I didn’t have this massive transformation of skincare or anythingg~

photogrid_15271217275001966880703.jpgWould I purchase again? Ehh maybe. I’m going to Korea later this year and if I find it there then yes, i’ll buy more. But I don’t really like buying it online from Amazon, I’d rather get it in person. Also I’m totally willing to try the pill and the drink version of this product!! If you guys know where I can get this cheaper than on Amazon lemme knowww! Help a girl outtttt~~

So that’s it! What do you guys think? Did I fall for an over exaggerated product or should I try it for a few more months then decide? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. I think you should stick with the collagen maybe different brand . It won’t feel much different with the pill as well maybe just a self confidence boast. Dun think Korea got any famous brand of collagen most famous one are made in Japan only

    1. I had review some brand of collagen as well. U can check it out

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