::YOUTUBE:: Glam Up Mask Set Review!!

Hi bunnyss!!! NEW VIDEOOOO! I have this mask sheet set from GoSelly (exclusively on amazon) and they were so amazing to work with, I was soo lucky to get chosen to try this mask sheet set!! This mask sheet set is sold only on Go Selly’s Amazon Store and the link is – http://bit.ly/GlamUP and their storefront is ‘Go Selly’ Storefront page !!

Review and pics below!!!

I need to apologize for my speech in this video, I could not say anything correctly that day, I kept saying MASKS when it was just mask, singular. Idk why I kept adding an S and making it plural.. sighh.. lol forgive me~

The ALOE mask is the one I forgot in the video, by the way~ lol Pics are below the video!!


Okay Lemme know what you guys think in the comments belowwww!

Until next time!!


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