::SHOPPING:: Bed, Bath & Beyond is a Discount Beauty GOLDMINE!

::SHOPPING:: Bed, Bath & Beyond is Discount Beauty GOLD!Happy Friday!! WEEKEND IS HURR. Im ready! To start this weekend off right I have to let you guys in on the best beauty discounts I found! BED BATH AND BEYOND. Random right? I guess makeup can kind of count as part of the “bath” right? πŸ™‚ Anyways here’s how you find huge huge discounts:

Find your nearest Bed Bath & Beyond location – and make sure the one you go to has a cosmetics section! The one in my neighborhood has like hair products and stuff but no makeup/beauty products. It’s usually the larger stores in the bigger cities that have the extended Bed, Bath & Beyond. I would call ahead and ask if they have a cosmetics section before you waste a drive!

Then of course, head to the cosmetics section of the store and there will be a CLEARANCE section. It’s usually in a back corner or the last aisle of the cosmetics section. The location I go to, the clearance section is about 4-6 buckets (shown above) of a bunchhhh of stuff! Rummage through as you wish! Just because these items are on clearance doesn’t mean they’re used or they’re expired or anything like that. Usually they are on clearance because they have been in stock for awhile and BB&B needs to make room for the newest line of product! I’ve spent a good amount of time sifting through and I’ve never come across a used or damaged product that deterred me from purchasing!


They have everything from lipsticks, mascaras, foundations, highlighters, NAIL POLISH. YES. This is such a bargain. I never buy nail polishes full price when I can get it half off at BB&B. They also have begun to sell more skincare items like facemasks! They’re kind of becoming like Marshalls and Homegoods since they sell Korean brand facemasks too! Albeit, a limited selection but it’s better than nothing! πŸ™‚

I hope you guys find a BB&B in your area that can reward your wallet as it has mine! If you do go lemme know what you find! <3

Until next time guys! BTW I think this Sunday’s Youtube video I will uploading another snippet from my trip to Seoul! Link to my youtube channel is below! Sub please for amazing content <3



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