::YOUTUBE:: Jungkook Made Me Go Here!

Hey Hunnyybees!! I hope you guys are well~ This week I am sharing a place I was DYING to go to ever since I saw JK from BTS go here for his Celeb Bromance show – Da Dog In The City!! It is a cafe where you can eat and chill and play with puppies!!!! It was a journey to try and find this place in Gangnam but it was worth it!! Also, you have to purchase something from the cafe in order to sit down and stay (they don’t want you to just play with dogs, order nothing then leave) but the drinks were yummy so win-win!! I had the Blue Lemonade which was pretty pricey but ehh. I also purchased doggy snacks to feed to the doggies while me and my friends hung out~

If you guys are ever in Seoul DEFINITELY visit this place!!

I hope you guys enjoyed my little video!! hehe Until next time loves!



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