::BTS:: Love Yourself Answer Nails!!

::BTS:: Love Yourself Answer Nails!!.jpgHappy Wednesday!! In honor of BTS’ comeback I am sharing a quick nail look inspired by their album coverrrrr <3

I got the blue&purple background look with the white hearts & lines throughout~ I tried to draw the exact lines as in the album cover but I am not that artistically talented so I settled for the same feel~

::BTS:: Love Yourself Answer Nails!!.jpgI tried several different things to achieve this look!

I tried painting some blue and then some purple on each nail separately (that didn’t work), I tried dipping a puff in the nail polish to try and stamp it (that didn’t work) so then I tried pouring both polishes on a plate, swirling them together and then painting it on my nails and that DID work! Yayy~ It’s not as gradient as I wanted but it did the trick~

::BTS:: Love Yourself Answer Nails!! heyhunnyy

::BTS:: Love Yourself Answer Nails!!.jpg

After I waited for this to dry I started with a long tip nail brush and white paint, painted white hearts and lines onto each nail! Added top coat to finish and ta-daaaa!

This is the first BTS nail look I’ve done that I’m actually SATISFIED with! Can you tell I’m totally hyped for this comeback? No promotions but still new music so I’m with it <3

What do you guys think!? I think this BTS nail theme will continue, it’s a combo of my two passions ^^

I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your Wednesdayyy! Leave me a comment below if you’re ready for this comeback!!

Until next time loves!




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  1. i searched up love yourself answer, i saw this, and i wanted to save the image. i said… i effing need that!

    1. Aww you are so sweet!!! thank you!! If you do this nail look lemme see! 🙂

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