::BTS:: I GOT TICKETS TO LOVE YOURSELF CONCERT IN NYC!!YOU GUYS. I DID IT. Remember a few months back when I tried to get tickets to their New Jersey, L.A and even Canada tickets?! 

I had lost all hope, I wasn’t going to see them this year, I was going to try again at their next tour whether it be next year or the year after that~ But we were blessed with another concert date!! October 6, which would make this their last concert in North America for the year!

I think I got the tickets because a lot of things were in my favor:

-Short notice of ticket sales, lots of people couldn’t come up with extra money that fast or change their schedules on such short notice.

-Tickets were being sold on a Friday afternoon, when most people are still at work or school.

Luckily everything worked out and last Friday at 4pm I was READY for this.. I waited and waited since 3pm and I actually made a huge mistake at 3:30 in the ticket webpage… I refreshed… This was before Mets Twitter told us not to refresh.. It literally took me back to the waiting room webpage and I COULDN’T HANDLE MY LIFE. I was in complete despair for the next half hour because I couldn’t get back to my ticket page! It kept telling me there were too many people in the waiting room and I had to wait until I was randomly picked to enter the ticket page.. So I waited.. 4PM hit.. and nothing.. I had three devices on this waiting page and nothing.. At 4:05 my friend got tickets for herself and her friends and I was so upset because I had actually been waiting longer than her, so if I hadn’t had refreshed I would’ve gotten my tickets exactly at 4… I told my friends I was gonna try for 20 more minutes then give up. I know how many Armys’ there are out there who were dying for these tickets just as much as I was..

Then… 4:07 hit.. WHOOSH. My laptop moved on to the ticket pagee!!!!!!!!!! I gasped and could not believe my eyes… It was asking me how many tickets I wanted and I couldn’t read anything after that. I just kept clicking “NEXT NEXT NEXT AGREE AGREE AGREE SUBMIT SUBMIT SUBMIT”  until I had gotten confirmation that the tickets were mine!!! ... shock and awe… I couldn’t believe I actually got tickets.. In a storm of a million fans and I got mine.. Crazy.. I read the confirmation like 100 times to make sure it was legit and I wasn’t just losing my marbles..

For those wondering-

I got 2 tickets GA Standing for the NYC concert!! If any of you guys are going lemme knowwwww! <3 We can chat and meet up or stand in line together!!


Until next time,

xoxo hunnyy

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  1. Congrats, I’m going too. I was so shocked to hear they are going to perform at citifield, so close to my home. I have really high seats, but I am so happy I actually got a ticket.

    1. YAYAY! congrats!! Theres a bunch of fb groups where Armys are discussing the best binoculars! hehe are you planning on bringing a pair?

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