::REVIEW:: Swisspers Makeup Removal Wipes

::REVIEW:: Swisspers Makeup Removal WipesGood morning everyone! Today I have a review on the Swisspers Makeup Removal Wipes I received through my VoxBox with Influenster! Now even though this was through Influenster I will still be very honest in my review.

These makeup removal wipes come 25 wipes to a package and are 100% cotton and fragrance free. 

Not gonna lie when I first saw this I thought it was like Summer’s Eve Wipes, I didn’t know they were makeup wipes if you know what I mean LOL. Once I read the label I was like “oh okay, we good” haha 🙂

::REVIEW:: Swisspers Makeup Removal Wipes heyhunnyySome really nice things I’d like to point out before we get to my review:

Hypoallergenic wipes

Dermatologist approved

All Natural” – I hope they have some actual proof behind this.

That being said let’s get into the review!!



So the first time I tried this I had full makeup on – foundation, eye makeup, the whole nine. I used one wipe to remove my eye makeup then my foundation and lipstick. The wipe got a good amount of my makeup off! And did not notice any stinging which is my main concern with makeup wipes. Makeup wipes always are so concentrated they sting and itch my face (even the “sensitive” formula wipes).

::REVIEW:: Swisspers Makeup Removal WipesSo here we can see all of my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara sprawled about the wipe. It worked well enough that I could move straight into foam cleansing after this.

That being said.. after my first night of using this it all went down from here..

My second, third and fourth times using these wipes made my skin progressively sting with every use. I felt the need to run to the sink and throw cold water on my face to get the pain to stop. It wasn’t worth the makeup it was getting off to endure the stinging.. Maybe it was because my first night I had so much foundation on that I couldn’t feel much? I’m not sure.. In any case the stinging was pretty painful and I have stopped using it since..

This comes to show you kids that first impressions cannot be an end-all be-all.. rip lol

::REVIEW:: Swisspers Makeup Removal WipesI’m really sad this didn’t work out for me because I would like to have makeup removal wipes in my skincare routine.. And the wipes DID get a lot of my makeup removed so the product does work, it just makes my face red..

If you guys have sensitive skin like me, maybe try a lighter formula of these wipes.. Does Swisspers have another version of these? Maybe?

If you guys have a makeup wipe product that works for you lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. These sound really good! I always try and stay away from makeup wipes but they’re great for if I’m travelling x

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