::KOREA:: Insadong Shopping Center~!

Happy Friday lovelies!!! I could barely keep my eyes open during the drive into work todayyy… so sleepy! Today I have fun pictures to share from my Korea Trip –  Insadong Ssamjigil! This a retail neighborhood that is SO MUCH FUN. Insadong is known for being a great mix of traditional Korea (all of the store names are written in hangeul, no english signs at all) and modern day Korea! They have everything from calligraphy stores to clothing stores! I even visited the Ssamjigil retail center that is 3-4 floors of custom, handmade, local shops! Glass decor, recycled boutiques, the most unique stores I’ve ever visited. They even have cool cafes on the roofs! The bottom floor had an escape room I think.. It was some sort of interactive game play that seemed really fun!

Pictures of my trip are below!!


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xoxo, hunnyy

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