::FRIYAY:: Holographic Pearl Nails!

::FRIYAY:: Holographic Pearl Nails!FRIDAY!!! FINALLY!! I have been so sleepy this week you guys.. so glad I can sleep in tomorrow..

Today!! I have a really pretty look for you guys! This is a first for me to combine my blue holographic polish from Nature Republic with nail jewels!

I first applied my base coat and two layers of the blue holographic polish.

After that dried I added nail glue to my ring finger and index finger and waited till it was a bit tacky. Then I placed my two ribbon jewels to my nails and stayed veryyyyyyyyy still until it all dried. With nail glue, if you lean just a teeny bit your jewel will end up crooked lol.

And for a final touch I added peach colored pearls to my thumb, middle and pinky fingers to add a fancy feel~ And voila!

photogrid_15379326236211976942447607519403.jpgI think it came out rather well considering this was my first try!

If y’all have been with me for awhile you know my first, second and third tries are always a FAIL with nail looks 🙂

What do you guys think?! The pearls and ribbon look alright matched with the blue? Lemme know in the comments below!!

::FRIYAY:: Holographic Pearl Nails!*side note- IM GOING TO THE BTS CONCERT NEXT SATURDAYYYYY pray for my soul, Im so exciteddd. I’m also going to be uploading my whole experience before, during and after the concert!!*

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy






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