::YOUTUBE:: BTS Love Yourself Concert Thoughts + My Concert Top 3 Essentials!

Hey Hunnyybees!! I hope you guys are well~ This week I am sharing the most exciting thing that’s happened to me all year!! IM GOING TO SEE MY LOVES BTS!! I have been a fan for over 4 years now and this is my second time to go see them! Watch the vid for full rants and how im planning my trip to Citifield!! STAY TUNED FOR NEXT WEEK WHEN I UPLOAD EVERYTHING FROM THE CONCERT!!!

If you guys have gone to their concert or are going to this one lemme know in the comments below!!!! ahkk!!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy


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  1. I’m so excited for you! I attended their LA Day 2 show and the one in Oakland. Had P4 seats for LA and P1 seats for Oakland (best last minute upgrade ever). It’s been a while since your last performance with the guys so take all the pics/videos you want, but you don’t have to for everything. Fan cams will definitely be posted on social after the concert. I recorded a few for both shows, but there were some songs performed that I just wanted to watch without any distraction, and it made the experience so much better. Other than that, just enjoy it, especially since it’s their first US stadium performance.

    1. Aw wow!!! So happy u had p1!!! Was it easy for u to film? Did anyone stop u?

      1. There were signs inside the venue stating that there would be some professional recording happening during the show, but so many people in my section and around me for both shows were recording with their phones and no one was stopped by security. Not sure how strict they’ll be at CitiField, but I’ve seen some videos from people who were in GA. From what I’ve heard, those who were stopped/removed from the venue were recording using an actual camera.

      2. Ahhh okay! I just want like one pic of jk and I’ll be happy LOL my last concert I enjoyed everything and didnt film a single thing ~ I cant believe u got California tickets!! I couldnt get a single thing for any of the 4 dayss

      3. You’ll definitely be able to take pics! I lucked out for the Oakland show (got my ticket in 45 min) and tried LA on a whim. Took me almost 2 hrs online for that, but I eventually got a ticket. 😅

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