::BUNNIES:: To Help You Get Through Your Wednesday~

::BUNNIES:: To Help You Get Through Your Wednesday~Hi guys! Are you barely getting through your Wednesday like me? I’m in dire need of a nap.. To get us through today I have a bunny update!!

My babies Mocha and Luna got a pet bed!! Actually it’s a doll bed I bought from Ikea but it’s soooooooooo cute!!

It is meant for dolls or a dollhouse and only cost $14 for the bedframe and three little blankets!! Assembly was super easy too, no screwdrivers or extra materials required! Drew put this bed together in about 10 minutes! And our babies love ittt <3

They sit on the bed and eat their food there! I haven’t seen them sleep on it yet.. I think they like to sleep on their memory foam mats more 🙂 hehe

::BUNNIES:: To Help You Get Through Your Wednesday~ HUNNYY ikea doll bedIsn’t it so cute?! Gahhh.

I hope you guys are having a good morning~~ I might or might not be able to post on Friday because I will be in line for the BTS concert! I will be posting on Sunday with all of the concert footage I can get!! STAY TUNEDDDDDDD <3

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

If you guys didn’t catch my most recent Youtube video, here it is!!

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    1. Aw thank you so much <3 I hope it made your day a bit happier 🙂

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