::YOUTUBE:: BTS Citifield Concert FANCAMS!

Hi loves! I HAVE THEM. I HAVE THE FANCAMS. And other footage from the concert weekend!!! WHEW boyyyy I am tired.. been at it for days for this.. had to use a portapotty and everything.. freaking gross the things I do to see jungkook…lolol. I had a blast at the concert and I have documented my whole experience for you guys!! The beginning of the concert was miserable, not because of the boys but because of the PUSHING. I couldn’t even stand on my own two feet, everyone kept pushing!! So I said screw everyone and found me a better spot!! THE BOYS WERE AMAZING IM SO PROUD. Without further ado please watch my video below 🙂

Pics are below the video! ALL FOOTAGE IS MINE PLEASE DO NOT REUPLOAD. Seriously, I will get you. lol.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t get this video up sooner…feeling like I had jetlag even though I didn’t move timezoness..lol

Until next time loves!



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