Why I No Longer Shop At Sephora.

photogrid_15396147365636410738651217481322.jpgI honestly cannot remember the last time I purchased an item at Sephora. I always go in the store when I’m at the mall.. but I just never end up buying anything. Why?

First, I think everything is expensive.. Even the sample sizes near the counter are overpriced.. Most of the brands are higher end like YSL, Tatcha, Tarte. Yes, I consider Tarte high end because I cannot buy justify buying anything from them.. I’m a cheap girl- I want to spend as little as possible.

Second, I feel like the inventory never changes.. the brands that are sold stay the same, the setup stays the same, even the Kbeauty items don’t really change.

Third and most importantly – SEPHORA SALES SUCK. They’re almost nonexistent. Nothing worth buying is ever on sale. Ever. When they do advertise they’re having a sale, it’s like 15% on the shitty items that they’re trying to get rid of… what is that.. I might as well buy full price. Even Ulta has better sales and more updates in inventory. I’ve even been to Sephora on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and there are no AMAZING deals. Like they have gift sets at a better value but still the products that are up for these deals aren’t holy grails or anything like WOW I HAVE TO GET MY HANDS ON THAT. Now that I think about it I don’t think I’ve ever seen a clearance rack at Sephora.. Do they have one??

Do I blame Sephora? No I don’t because their business is doing great for them so they don’t have to have amazing sales. But am I going to shop there? Nope. I’d rather go to Ulta or buy direct from the brands I want, like Etude House or Urban Decay’s online wesbite.

That’s just my thoughts. 🙂

If you guys didn’t catch my most recent Youtube video, here it is!!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. That’s so true, sephora sales are the worst. Unless you’re VIB or VIB rouge the sales aren’t worth it at all (and even then 15% is pretty measly). I wish we had Ulta in Canada. I would make the switch if that ever happens.

    1. yessss. and who spends that much to even get the rouge status..! I hope you get ulta in canada one day soon!!

      1. I know a few people actually 😂 But not me! I hope so too 🙂

  2. I strongly agree with you in this one. Sephora sales here in Canada are a complete joke, their kbeauty is ridiculously overpriced and a lot of western brand skincare don’t really attract me and seem to be overpriced as well. For now, I’m surviving off of ebay, yesstyle and whatever platform that sells cosmetics for a reasonable price. Sephora pricing isn’t cutting it for me. I’m literally 65 dollars away from unlocking another year of rouge and idk, I think this could be the last year I will be rouge. LOL!

    1. yes!! they only have like Dr Jart or Laneige which are a lot more on the expensive side of kbeauty!! I use yesstyle a lot too lolol.

  3. I have to disagree. Every week they have some products on sale, some of which are really popular. I am also always seeing new products, but really it’s mostly about how much you’re willing to spend on products. If you prefer to spend drugstore-like prices, Ulta is definitely the way to go.Only Sephora-branded products can really match that. Sephora is basically all the products that would be in Ulta’s prestige section plus some.

  4. I just happen to see this post and love it!! I’ve NEVER bought anything from Sephora like EVA!! You are right in that they are super expensive and I just can’t afford anything in there and every time I’ve walked into a store I feel like I’m not supposed to be there. I actually did a blog post on Sephora vs Ulta or something like, I think it might have been last year, not sure. LOL

    1. YEESS Someone who understand meeee! hehe thanks so much for reading!!

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