Hi lovelies!! ARMIES ARE YOU THERE?! ARE YOU ALIVE?! I barely am after that concert.. I have already uploaded all the fancams I have on my instagram and twitter and the Ment fancams are on my youtube channel~~ Today I am sharing my experience at Citifield, NYC to see the Love Yourself Tour!

I edited the video to be really brief because I figured if you guys wanted more details I’d just write them here~ But first, the video!

Okay so for extra deets on the concert:

I really want to applaud Citifield staff and NYPD for being on point with the lines and making sure people didn’t cut in line. Saturday morning…whew these security folk were not. playing. They had their game faces on and were really serious about people cutting in line. That being said, once the concert actually started it was an entirely different story. And to some extent it was out of their hands because once you’re in the pit in GA, you’re kind of on your own. It’s a small area with 7,000 people shoving each other  trying to get as close to the stage as possible. It will not be pretty. As soon as IDOL started playing everyone lifted up their banners, their army bombs and PUSHED to get close to the front. I was second to the barricade and by the third song hit, I was like fifth to the barricade.. I was being yanked left and right, people pulling on my hair, sweating all over me, CUSSING at me.. it was insane. Male, female, didn’t matter. There was a guy next to me who kept putting his full force on my sides to push me out of his way. In front of BTS, no one was a saint. It was a madhouse.

About a third of the way into the concert I was not enjoying myself AT ALL. I was miserable, my banners got ripped, I couldn’t breathe, let alone pay attention to what song was playing. My favorite solo Euphoria even flashed by and I could not see a damn thing. Everyone had their arms in the way so even though I was at the front of the barricade, couldn’t see shit. So I decided enough is enough – lemme try and move to find a better spot. I grabbed my friend who was being squished to death- she almost passed out- and we moved to the back center of the pit.

*Hallelujah* Angels singing~ I had arrived~ FINALLY I could see the boys on stage, there was soooooooooo much room to breathe and dance!!!! I finally got to dance, sing along and just enjoy the concert!! Everything after that was a blast~ Even though I wasn’t barricade, I could clearly see the boys and they could clearly see me dancing a fool by myself LOL. After the encore stages were over and the concert ended, I found out that most of my friends who stood even closer to the main stage had an awful time! Their entire experience was being pushed and shoved.. two of the girls I knew even passed out and had to be taken away in wheelchairs.. I spoke to girls on the right side of the stage and they said the security guards pushed the barricades in (stupid idea) and it made people push even more! This whole pit thing is just a bad idea.. It creates mob mentality and stampede situations.. I hope next stadium concert they improve this..

As much chaos went on, I’m glad it’s all over and I’m glad I saw the boys. Enjoy the pictures below!! <3 All pictures and fancams are mine~!

::YOUTUBE:: I SAW BTS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. BTS Citifield NYC 2018 Love Yourself Concert 181006 Hunnyyphotogrid_15395775512064475632444312701818.jpgphotogrid_15395775256442190859169949179050.jpgphotogrid_15395774881301158178494116671454.jpg::YOUTUBE:: I SAW BTS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. BTS Citifield NYC 2018 Love Yourself Concert 181006 Hunnyyphotogrid_15395771929082874610286221751467.jpgphotogrid_15395770189545651330921260946777.jpgphotogrid_15395771683297238156451357218962.jpgphotogrid_15395771120641861087885417524613.jpg::YOUTUBE:: I SAW BTS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. BTS Citifield NYC 2018 Love Yourself Concert 181006 Hunnyyphotogrid_15395771362314482381451860430906.jpg::YOUTUBE:: I SAW BTS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. BTS Citifield NYC 2018 Love Yourself Concert 181006 Hunnyyphotogrid_15395770787286385247774429084591.jpgphotogrid_15395774406083752124057070803773.jpgphotogrid_15395772266893405801738316092449.jpgphotogrid_1539577367316647372346739401101.jpg::YOUTUBE:: I SAW BTS AND THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL. BTS Citifield NYC 2018 Love Yourself Concert 181006 Hunnyyphotogrid_15389629238705494153855102939955.jpg

WHEW that’s a lot of pictures, I made them as big as I could so you could see them well!

Until next time loves!



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