::TRAVEL:: What I’m planning on buying in Korea

PhotoGrid_1471000300263I leave for Korea in about two weeks!!! I’m so excited you guys!! I haven’t been in two years and I’ve been itching to go back ever since! And this time is even more special because I am bringing my grandma (who hasn’t been back to Korea in about 30 years) and my boyfriend! 🙂 My two favorite people in the world <3

So the real question:

What am I doing there and what makeup do I plan on getting my hands on?


I really miss Holika Holika products (there are no products available in america, or my area at least),

I am going to be hitting every. single. roadshop. in Korea as well as the higher end brands~ Of course Myeongdong! The mecca of kbeauty!! I will be filming every store as well!! I am planning on having a video for each individual roadshop! I think I will Myeongdong the last day of my trip, just to be sure I hit all the other areas and scope out the best deals!

SK-II and Canmake I hope I can get my hands on! Japanese products are pretty pricey here in America and I’m hoping it’s cheaper in Korea!

COLLAGEN PRODUCTS too! oh my god, yes.

Non-Beauty related items:

I also am planning on getting really cute fall/winter clothing items to keep me warm!!

EARRINGS. regular earrings and conch earrings!

phone cases for my new phone!

and much much moreeee that I will probably end up buying 🙂

I will have a huge haul as soon as I get back!

xoxo, hunnyy

If you guys didn’t catch my last video here it is!

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