::STRUGGLES:: What Do I Do With My Old Lipbalm?

::LIPBALM:: What Do I Do Now?Hi loves!! Have you ever used your lip balms up to this point? Where you can no longer apply it directly to your lips? Do you really have to use your fingers at this point? Ughhh! I don’t want to! It’s so unsanitary! And carrying around a lip brush is just too extra..

I’m like at a standstill with this. I have seen those DIYs where you can melt this lip balm down with other lip products to create a whole new balm but that’s a lot of work.. And I don’t do DIYs well.. I always mess it up. lol.

So I’m curious, how many of you guys actually get to this point with your lip products? Because I’ll be honest, this is the first time in my twenty-something years of life that I’ve used up an entire lip balm. I always lose them or just stop using them because they’ve expired..

Just some thoughts and ranting for today 🙂 lol Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below!!

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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