::YOUTUBE:: My First Time Ordering from EtudeHouse.com!

Hi bunnies!~! I’m back! Today I have to share my first purchase order from Etude House, direct from their website!! I was never a fan of ordering direct from websites because the shipping would be ridiculous and I never though their international selection would be good.. BOY Was I in for a surprise!! Watch the video to see my experience!

***NOT A SPONSORED VIDEO**** No affiliation with Etude House, I bought everything with my own money, 100% my real thoughts and concerns!!

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  1. Innisfree used to have the best website and shipped everything from Korea for free with a $70 order–and that wasn’t hard to do! You could pay with a credit card, it converted the exchange rate, it took less than 2 weeks, and they were generous with the samples. How awesome! Then they started a US website, took away the ability to order from the Korean site and were stingy with the samples. I subsequently found out they changed the skin care formulations for the US market! Arrrgh! I was so bummed out. I now have a trusted seller on eBay that I order from.
    I am glad Etude House has such a good website, and ordering is easy.

    1. Omg I was upset about that too! Like, why change a good thing? It was so easy. But as for the change in formulations for the US market, I don’t know for sure, but I believe the US has different regulations about what can and can’t go into products and if something wasn’t approved by our government (or whoever makes these regulations) then Innisfree has no choice but to change the formulation…or just not sell it in the US. I follow Liah Yoo on YouTube and this was one of the struggles she went through with her skincare line. She had a product that she wasn’t allowed to sell here in the US because of a restriction on a certain ingredient when no such restriction existed in Korea.

  2. so many products very nice

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