::FINISHED!:: Nail Designs by Hunnyy!

::FINISHED!:: Nail Designs by Hunnyy!Hi guys! I finished it! If you haven’t seen yet, last week I uploaded the nail polishes I started and now I have the finished product!


I wanted each set to have it’s own theme πŸ™‚

PhotoGrid_1544917407761.jpgLook 1 – Purple flowers and a Pink bow <3

I kept the pink set really really simple to make the bow stand out.

The purple has various flowers and pink holographic sparkles spread out~ I really didn’t think much while doing this set, it was random placement of sparkles.

PhotoGrid_1544917433039.jpgLook 2 –Pink hearts on Red and butterfly orange!

I didn’t do much to the nail designs that already had a layer of deco on them like these pink hearts. Meanwhile I put little butterfly stickies on my orange set! Maybe next time I’ll try the butterflies on a green background for a more spring/nature feel..

::FINISHED!:: Nail Designs by Hunnyy!

Look 3 – Lemonade flowers and Champagne jewels^^

The yellow set has one big flower sticker I got from Michaels Craft store and then little blue beads at the bottom of each nail for a dainty look πŸ™‚

The champagne has a gold crown deco with yellow stones to give it a royal touch <3 I think this set is my favoriteeee!~

PhotoGrid_1544917507994.jpgΒ Look 4- Fireworks and Blue Sea Nails!
I felt so frustrated because by the time I got to this set of nails my creativity was running out of ideas.. I didn’t have stones or deco to match this BLUE COLORRR. So I hope this one looks aiightt.. gold stones that came from the same set as the Champagne set above!

PhotoGrid_1544917537809.jpgLook 5 – Lonely Hearts and Fruit Punch Nails!

This red color is really pretty but STAINS. I just put a single silver heart to show my despair.. lol. Psych, I just thought it’d look pretty like this πŸ™‚

The orange nails were so bright I thought it’d be fun to stick a whole bunch of fruity deco on top~


::FINISHED!:: Nail Designs by Hunnyy!Look 6- Mermaid Blue and birthday cake nails!

I honestly didn’t touch a single thing on this set from my original post. I thought both of these looks were great the way they were πŸ™‚


Yay!! So those were all six of the nail designs I had to show you guys!

I hope you enjoyed it, lemme know in the comments below which design you liked the most!!Β 

Oh, after I took these pictures I tried to remove the polish gently on the nails.. FAIL.. Disaster.. All the nails came off of the holder stick thing… The nail polish won’t even come off well.. I think these fake nails are literally single use.. it’s so brittle and frail I don’t know if it’ll last another polish πŸ™

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted!

Until next time!!

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