::Merry Christmas::CHRISTMAS IN KOREA!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! ::from hunnyy::.jpgIt’s Christmas!! This holiday season really flew by and I’m so sad but it’s okay! We still have New Years!! LOL

I hope you guys enjoy your holiday break, sleep lots and eat lots!!

This Christmas I am spending it at home to max && relax <3

I have some pictures from my trip to Korea to show what it’s like to walk the streets in the winter and shop for Christmas gifts <3

Drew and I were walking around in Myeongdong and came across the most beautiful Christmas setup near the Shinsaegae Department Store!



this bear reallyyy wants that chanel~^^
this place was soooo fancy.. but gorgeous!

Anywhoo~ Now that we are back home Drew really wanted a white Christmas but I think it’s so warm this year so we are just going to be getting rain~ LOL. He’s been watching this new show ‘Cobra Kai’ so that’s basically what his Christmas break looked like. Mine was a bunch of ‘New Journey To The West’ I love our simple little lives~ 🙂

::Merry Christmas::CHRISTMAS IN KOREA!!

What are you guys doing this Christmas? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Until next time!!

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