::BTS Review:: BT21 Blueberry Ice Cream!

::BTS Dessert!!:: BT21 Blueberry Ice Cream.jpgICE CREAM!!! Sahh cute! I got this from one of the biggest pastry/cafes in Korea- Paris Baguette. I was in Incheon International Airport and saw this little beauty~ A line of cup ice creams, or as they call it “cupscream“!

This cost — and came in the flavor blueberry with RJ and Koya on the packaging <3

I was really thirsty and I also totally wanted to try some BT21 food while I was in Korea 🙂

A little spoon was under the lid and I devoured the ice cream in about 5 minutes! Very similar to the one servings of ice cream you find in American grocery stores~~

::BTS Review:: BT21 Blueberry Ice Cream!Was the taste amazing? Nahh, it was just plain ice cream, actually it was closer to a cold yogurt. Very dairy and very faint blueberry taste~

They really did a number on the packaging. If I lived in Korea, I’d keep the packaging as a collectible or something. Unfortunately this container didn’t fit in my luggage.. rip hehe


PhotoGrid_1546218786147.jpgParis Baguette had a hugeeee line of BT21 merchandise in their store. I took pictures of everything and will be uploading it in my next post on Fridayy~! STAY TUNED!!

Scroll down to see video of my first time having BT21 ice cream <3

I love you Koya && RJ~~


HAVE YOU GUYS TRIED BT21 FOOD YET!? Lemme know in the comments below!!
And my next post will feature the Paris Baguette cafe and the rest of their BT21 line 🙂

Until next time!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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