::YOUTUBE:: $300 MANICURE..I Spent Too Much Money..

Hi bunnies! Storytime today! I got an insane review of my nails I got done in Cheongdamdong in Seoul~ It took FOREVER and was really expensive but they’re so pretty!! I purposely didn’t mention the name of the salon  in the video because I wanted my review to be as honest as possible. The salon was Mialuce Nails in Cheongdamdong.

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First the salon pictures~ I could only get a shot from the waiting area, it was basically a small store with two table/desks, one for each artist, a small sectioned off room for…im not sure. lol. And the theme of the store was Sailor Moon which was I thought was super adorable!



I really am thankful to the artist who did my nails, They lasted a month and a half before I removed them. They were truly spectacular <3


WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINKKKKKK? Was I absolutely nuts to do this?? LOL lemme know in the comments below!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Wow that’s expensive! I wouldn’t pay that much because I simply can’t afford something so costly. I don’t think you are crazy for doing it as long as you can afford them and you like them. They look amazing. 💓

    1. thank you so much! yeah.. idk if i could afford them.. def not a millionaire or anything LOL but i did enjoy them!! thanks for watching <3

  2. Whoa, you need to make a deposit?? That’s crazy. I’ve never had my nails done before so I have no idea what the usual cost is for this. Mine grow pretty fast and I’ve heard that manicures can really damage your nails but at the same time nail polish can only hold up for so long. I’m more and more tempted to get mine done someday but lol I don’t think I’d be able to afford this one.

    Completely off topic but i’d love to see a room tour someday! It looks so cute and clean from your videos I’d love to get more inspiration for mine rofl.

    Happy New Year, hunnyy and may this one be amazing!

    1. Usually simple gel nails with one color is about $50-60.
      Before u get ur nails done definitely check online reviews and Instagram to get the best salon!!!
      I’ll totally do a room tour!! You’re so sweet!!!! Thanks for watching♡

      1. Wow, that’s not a bad price at all! I do think your $300 set was worth it despite how long it took and the price as you said they’ve lasted a month so far.
        Oh awesome, I never thought to consult instagram for that. Thanks so much I appreciate it.
        And whoooo I’m looking forward to it! 🙂

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