::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette!

::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette!Hi guys!! Today’s post is a follow-up to my BTS Ice Cream post from earlier this week!

I wanted to show you guys how amazing the BT21 is in Paris Baguette! Ahhhk It’s glorious!

The main reason why is because the product selection is completely different than products you’d find at a Line Friends store or a beauty store. These items were more-food/kitchen based.

First picture I have above are BT21 ICE TRAYS. They’re like silicone molds so you can actually use them for anything. You could make BT21 shaped cookies, cakes, chocolates, candies, ice, soaps, anything really~

::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette!BTS CUPS!!

Mug cups, rather 🙂

SO CUTE. Each color and character for each member~

The cups were about $5 USD each which I think is a really cheap price.

::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette!


Nuff said. So cute.


These look like regular sugar cookies.. SUGA cookies… omg I can’t stop myself. It’s too easy LOL

Life can’t get better than this right? Imagine living in Korea with your BT21 gear, eating Cooky cookies and drinking milk out of your BT21 mug. You’d be a walking BT21 icon hahaha

::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette!These are the new product for the month of November – Lolli Chocolate! Its like chocolate on a stick essentially.. About $1.70 each which I still think is really good for the brand you’re buying.

The items above were all at the Incheon Airport Paris Baguette Cafe.

The below items were at the Bupyeong Paris Baguette Cafe.


RJ and Tata Sandwiches!

RJ is Blueberry Pocket Sand (idk what pocket sand is, it’s like the name of the sandwich)

Tata is Strawberry Yogurty Pocket Sand.

Price for one is 1,7000 won which is like less than $1.50.

There’s so many pictures.. can you tell Paris Baguette spent a fortune to get this BT21 branding and is taking full advantage of their copyright? LOL. Good job~

20181116_091603.jpgMore Lolli Chocolate pops! Looks like they also do this for Bbororo characters too!

Yeah, I can totally see little kids begging their parents to buy them this. 🙂

I think the last picture I have is the big BT21 sign above the refrigerated desserts at the Bupyeong location. It is instagram worthy fasho~

All 8 of my favorite characters <3

::BTS:: All the BT21 at Paris Baguette! hunnyy

Well I hope you guys liked my tour of BT21~ I have lots more where this came from! Will upload soon! hehe

Lemme know which item you liked best below!!!

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  1. Everything looks so yummy!! I’ll give you my address you can send me some!! LOL!! 😉 Jk Jk!! ♥

    1. LOLOL ikr. I wish I couldve brought some back in my luggage!!

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