::What is this?!:: DONKEY MILK FACE CREAM

::What is this?!:: DONKEY MILK FACE CREAM

WHAT IS THIS. Donkey…Milk..Water Drop Cream? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. I was walking around Myeongdong, walked into a little store that I did not recognize and saw THIS. Whut.

Still not entirely sure what this is but what I do know is that it was about $20.00 and I legit just took a picture of this and walked out the store..

Label says it is an “anti-wrinkle and brightening functional cosmetics” I’ve seen snail creams, goat milk creams, banana creams but never a donkey milk cream.. Is donkey milk good for you?? Do people drink this like on the daily and I just don’t know about it??

Honestly I think the store was one of those stores that sells other brands’ face masks in bulk kind of like a outlet? So I really didn’t trust the quality of this product nor have I ever heard of this brand.

PhotoGrid_1545921281117.jpgIf you have, let me know! If this is trustworthy, if you’ve ever tried this product, IM SO CURIOUS! lol

::What is this?!:: DONKEY MILK FACE CREAMThat is the fun thing I wanted to show you guys todayyy~ I get it’s trying to be trendy and fun but I am hesitant since I haven’t heard anything great about donkey milk~

Lemme know what you think in the comments below!
I hope your week is going by better than mine..work is slowly killing me..ahkk..


Oh wells, powering on!!

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xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Lol! took a picture and left the store but i am with you on that, never heard of donkey milk. Also work is killing me too!

  2. I’ve seen SeaNTree before years ago, I thought they went out of business… I guess they are one of those samll companies here in Korea. I don’t know about their products since I haven’t used any of their stuff, but I’ve used donkey milk before. It was okay… nothing really special to it. It just catches your eye because it is a bit weird i guess.

    1. Yeah thats what i was thinking lol thanks for telling me!!♡

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