::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang!


Hey loveliesss! Have you heard of PC Bangs in Korea? I love these places.. it’s like a library but instead of books it’s computers. I think Drew and I visited at least 7 PC Bangs while we were in Korea LOL

“PC” =personal computer and “Bang” means room. So basically it means room for computers LOL. PC Bangs are literally the best because they’re usually 24/7. THEY NEVER CLOSE. People can actually stay here for days at a time. I know hardcore gamers that spend like 5 days in a PC Bang straight without showering or anything lol.

::KOREA:: Things to Know When Visiting PC Bangs!
Mechanical Keyboards feel AMAZING to type on, I want one for myself so bad

Drew is a gamer so PC Bangs were a must on our trip! We first went to one in Myeongdong called the Myeongdong PC Bang (simple name right?) 🙂 and this place was smack dab right in the shopping center so it was perfect for us! I spent all day shopping till I dropped and Drew spent all day gaming. We were so close it was just a few minutes walk to meet up for lunch 🙂

::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang! hunnyy
Myeongdong PC Bang
::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang! hunnyy
Double Chairs!!

This PC was on the fourth floor of it’s building (with no elavator fyi) and they charge you by the minute you’re there. It’s super cheap, like less than a dollar an hour. As soon as you enter the room, the employee will hand you a card with your user number. You enter your user number into the computer and that allows you to log in.

This PC Bang was really memorable because it had these chairs that were meant for two people. Like the chair was so wide you and your friend would share one chair. I thought it was a super cute idea! I loved being so close to Drew~ Even though I’d be watching makeup videos and he was playing games I felt so close to him! lol On the flip side this place was pretty dark, not a lot of lighting.. didn’t like that..

Every PC Bang will have a food menu as soon as you log on as well as the game menu.::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang!

Other PC Bangs make you pay up front at a kiosk. The kiosk will have a layout of the computers so you can pick the seat you want and how long you want to be there. Pay with your credit card and you’re good to go!

While you’re there if you get worried about how much time you have left, don’t fret! Most places will have a little timer at the top of your screen to keep track!

The yellow highlighted box – first line says how long you’ve been on, second line says how much time you have left, third line says how much you paid up front for your time and the fourth line says how much you paid after your time.

ALL SORTS OF GAMES. Online games, board games, solo games, puzzle games, Starcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, you name it! The biggest thing I want to let you guys know is that not all PC Bangs in Korea will have foreign servers of your games. Drew and I learned this the hard way. Drew wanted to play League with his friends on the North American server but only the Korea/Asia server was available. So Korean language, Korean players, and Drew doesn’t speak Korean so that would be kind of tough for him. My advice – look up the place online beforehand or when you walk into the PC Bang, ask them if they have the North American server or whichever server you’re looking to play in.

::KOREA:: Things to Know When Visiting PC Bangs! hunnyy

Also-get used to the keyboard before you start gaming! Drew pressed a button without realizing it changes your keyboard language to Korean and he got so confused I had to stop shopping and come fix it for him lol.



::KOREA:: Things to Know When Visiting PC Bangs! hunnyy
The glass window next to Drew was the smoking room

Another thing- PC Bangs allow for smoking in these glass enclosed corners of the PC Bang. I really hated it.. If you even walked by the corner, the smoke smell was insaneee..AWFUL really.. just sit at a computer far away from these if you’re not a smoker 🙂



::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang!.jpg

Now, let’s talk about the FOOD! It was actually amazing. We spent like 6 hours at the best PC Bang and ordered lots of drinks and food. Depending on the place, they have ramen, sandwiches, soups, rice, drinks, snacks, chips, chocolate etc etc etc!

So on the computer screen there is going to be a food menu, you can order from your seat or you can go to the front and order. You can also pay before or after you receive the food. Sooo convenient! When your food is done the employees will bring it right to you!

I got oreo churros and a potato fry covered hot dog! SO GOOD OMG there almost wasn’t anything left for Drew lolol.

::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang! hunnyy

By far my favorite PC Bang was a place called Stardom PC in Bupyeong, Incheon. This place by far had the best layout, chairs and overall atmosphere. There was one place in particular that REEKED of smoke throughout the entire PC Bang so I hated that one.. Stardom was the opposite though, really clean and nice!::Korea:: EVERYTHING to Know When Visiting a PC Bang!



Side by side of Drew’s gameplay and my makeup video watching 🙂 Ooh! I forgot to mention- I’m not entirely sure if you’re allowed to talk or be loud in these places.. I told Drew not to be loud just to be on the safe side but there were guys talking to each other mid-gameplay and they were pretty noisy and didn’t get kicked out. I guess as long as you’re not creating chaos a little bit of talking is okayy.

Well I hope this has been informational and maybe fun for you guys to read! If you have any questions lemme know in the comments below!! DEFINITELY go to a PC Bang if you’re ever in korea!! That’s all for today bunniesss!!

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