::BEAUTY:: Is SK-II Cheaper in Korea than America?

::BEAUTY:: Is SK-II Cheaper in Korea than America?I LOOKED EVERYWHERE IN KOREA to see if I could find luxury Asian products at a cheaper rate than America. And my results? Zilch.Goose Egg. My main focus was any SK-II product because it’s widely used across the globe and ridiculously expensive. My findings were that the prices in America and South Korea were pretty similar!  

For example:

SK-II’s Facial Treatment Clear Lotion  Toner at Sephora runs for $76 for a 5.4oz bottle. I know.. my wallet laughs at the thought of me ever purchasing this..

This same toner, same size in Korea sells for $70-90 depending on the store.

Disappointingggggggggggggg 🙁 cry face..

Oh well.. maybe in Japan (it’s country of origin) it might be cheaper? Time for me to go to Japan! Lol! Someday at least~

Did you guys think it’d be cheaper in Asia like I did? Lemme know in the comments below!!

Enjoy the rest of your Friday!!!!!! <3

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Thanks for the info! It’s a brand I haven’t used before. But I found that last time I was in Singapore the prices for say Etude House were higher than when I’d order it online. but I ended up paying it in taxes anyway… Everything is expensive these days… and everywhere… xoxo Sarah

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