Hi bunnies! I laid out everything I bought in Korea!! This includes all cosmetics, jewelry, bts, skincare and souvenirs!!! I’m so out of breathe in this video and the picture is pretty shaky at times but I tried my best!! Lemme know which products you’d like me to review first!! Pics can be found down below the video!! I’M SO EXCITED TO TRY ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS!!!! AHKKK!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Also, I know I mentioned like twice in the video that I got scammed and I did! I will go more into detail in another video cause it’s a longgg story!!

::Youtube:: EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IN KOREA!PhotoGrid_1544918611202.::Youtube:: EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IN KOREA! hunnyyPhotoGrid_1544918665101.jpgPhotoGrid_1544918687493.jpgPhotoGrid_1544918719987.jpg::Youtube:: EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IN KOREA!PhotoGrid_1545680844574-1.jpgPhotoGrid_1545717402921-1.jpgPhotoGrid_1545680918349-1.jpg

Okay I hope you guys liked this videooo!!!

Until next time loves!!!

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12 thoughts on “::Youtube:: EVERYTHING I BOUGHT IN KOREA!

      1. But I applaud your effort! Too many people grow their collections without trying to finish their products. I mean itโ€™s fine if they have the money but like you, Iโ€™m always making an effort to finish all my products.

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