::STRUGGLE:: Why Can’t I Get Contacts In My Eyes?!

::STRUGGLE:: Why Can't I Get Contacts In My Eyes?!I’m so serious, I have tried everything and I cannot get contact lenses to go in my eyes. I don’t wear glasses and never had contacts as a kid so I’m just not used to this!

Let me back up a little to give some backstory-

I went to South Korea in 2016 and I bought a whole bunch of single-use colored contacts. I loveeee the look of color contacts and I wanted to try it. Skip two years ahead and I still can’t get these fckers in my eyes. I have google searched, watched videos, tried for hours on end and I just keep blinking. Not only that but my eye literally rejects any foreign object coming near it. I cannot seem to do this.

I even went to a friend’s house so she could teach me and we both couldn’t get it in my eye.

I’ve tried dipping the contact in lots of fluid, drier contacts, those little stick tools to help the contact go in, tweezers to hold it, bare fingers to hold it, using both hands to pry my eye open, pushing it in at different angles, EVERYTHING.

I did have one momentary incident of success a year ago, I got one contact to go in my eye but it stung SO bad (probably because I had been trying to get it in for an hour so the contact got dirty) that I had to pick it out after five minutes. Do contacts always hurt at first??

I so desperately want to be able to put contact lenses in my eyes to enhance my makeup looks but I CAN’T GET THEM TO GO IN MY EYESSSSSSSS. Someone help? Any methods you use that work?

HELP. please!

Comments below pleaseee!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Have you tried pulling your bottom lid down and sliding the contact onto your eye from the bottom while you look upwards?

    1. actually i havent! omg im gonna try that when i get home from work today!!! LOL Thank you!!!!

      1. Let me know if it works! That’s how I used to have to get them in when I first started wearing them about 25 years ago – now I can put them in however I feel like it. it does get easier!

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