::SEPHORA:: Why Your Eyeliner Break?!

::SEPHORA:: Why Your Eyeliner Break?!Yes ladies and gentlemen..this picture shows my heartbreak.. My Sephora Collection Contour Inner Rim Gel Eyeliner BROKE after less than a year..

I really liked this eyeliner too! I got it for about $10 and the color payoff was amazinggg. Baby blue color and very vivid!

Sadly they do not sell these at Sephora’s online store anymore.. only the black one is available online. You might still be able to find it if you go to Sephora in person or on eBay.

PhotoGrid_1550245303648.jpgThe color was amazing but the longevity of the product SUCKED. It worked well for a few months but after about the six month mark it would be SO dry. I would have to rub the eyeliner on my hand to heat up the product and then use it on my eyes.

That’s how it broke. One day it was so dry no matter how long or hard I applied it on my hand the eyeliner wouldn’t come out and eventually just broke in half.. I think because it is a gel product it dries so fast and then becomes useless..

Wasn’t worth the $10 I spent..

Did you guys have a similar experience with this product?

Lemme know in the comments below!!

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