::NAIL STAMPS:: Born Pretty Review!

::NAIL STAMPS:: Sailor Moon Nail FailHi bunnies! It is time for Wednesday’s post! I recently tried and failed at nail stamping..

I bought stamps from BornPretty and only bought the plates and the stamp thinking I didn’t need the stamping polish. BOY, was I wrong. Turns out it is very very difficult to use nail stamps without the specific polish. When I first tried it, none of my regular polish would stamp onto my nail. It would transfer to the rubber stamp but not my nail. After much googling I realized if I wanted this to even semi-work I would have to move at LIGHTNING SPEED.

So that’s how this happened- Pink Sailor Moon! I started with a baby pink polish as a base coat and attempted to use yellow polish for the Sailor Moon Designs. I had to apply the yellow polish to the metal plate (pictured below), scrap the polish along the plate super fast, stamp the design with the rubber super fast then stamp it onto my nail bed. All of this in about 6 seconds. Otherwise the polish dries up and doesn’t transfer.



ALL OF THIS AND THE YELLOW DOESNT SHOW UP ON MY NAILS. It doesn’t look good with this shade of pink too. So I switched colors to white and got the results you see here. Still…. it’s a really faded white.. Using regular polish not only dries really fast, the color doesn’t really show up either.  FAIL. Disappointment..

:NAIL STAMPS:: Born Pretty Review!PhotoGrid_1550259998472.jpg

Why not just buy stamping polish you ask? Well after this fiasco I did! Waited two months for it to be delivered… aaaaaand nothing. Nothing ever came! I really tried to be patient and wait a long time and I didn’t even receive an email at first! Finally I got an email saying my package got lost or something ridiculous.. They were like “oh, we can give you a credit on your account” YEAH RIGHT SIS! I want my money back!! Full refund! So I ended up getting the refund but it was just so stupid.. Never buying from Born Pretty Website ever again.

If I find stamping polish elsewhere I’ll probably buy it but for now these stamps are just gathering dust on my makeup shelf 🙁

Let me know if you’ve ever tried nail stamps before! Or if you had a different experience with Born Pretty! I was so excited because their website is really extensive and has so many products! Their shipping and handling is just awful…

If you haven’t seen my latest video here it is!

xoxo, hunnyy

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