::No Buy February:: It’s getting harder!

Hi bunnies! Well the second month of the year is officially over and my itch to go shopping is getting worse! The good news is I didn’t buy any makeup for myself this month but I did purchase makeup for my grandma! She needed lipstick (to wear to church) and we were at Target but it was so difficult there.. you cant try anything on, half of the lip product are sealed shut so you can’t see the actual color of the stick.. So I said screw it! Let’s go next door to Ulta! I’d been avoiding Ulta because the one in my neighborhood keeps upgrading! They now sell Colourpop and Morphe!! AHKKK.

::No Buy February:: It's getting harder!So I ended up buying my grandma a really pretty Bare Minerals lipstick and called it a day! I think this is a win because I stuck to my goal of not buying makeup for myself!

Also I’ve hit pan on more of my eyeshadows! YAY! I am slowing getting there! Next month is going to be really tough because ITS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH. May God be with me LOL

If you guys haven’t seen my last video here it is!

xoxo, hunnyy

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