::REVIEW:: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara!


Happy Wednesdayyy! We are halfway through the week and I have a fun review todayy! PhotoGrid_1481409602229This is the Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (mini size for $12). I got this from Sephora awhile ago but just started to use it regularly this year and I’m pretty happy with it!

Urban Decay claims this product has a  “ultra-creamy, lengthening and volumizing formula”. Do I agree? Yes. It does lengthen and make my eyelashes look thicker for sure. But it can smudge if you rub or eyes or wear it all day. It’s definitely not water proof but it’s also not the worst mascara I’ve ever tried.

The bristles on the brush are very similar to the fiber mascaras that elongate your lashes. The brush is also petite so it is perfect for putting mascara on my bottom lashes. All my other brushes are too big so I get smudges at the bottom of my eyes! So definitely this sample size has it’s perks :)PhotoGrid_1481409696066

::REVIEW:: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara!::REVIEW:: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara! hunnyy

Pictures of me wearing the mascaraaa~

I think it looks really good considering I have super tiny sparse eyelashes and it gives my lashes a lift! Especially my bottom lashes be looking reallllll goooood!

I also really want to commend Urban Decay on their packaging because…just see for yourself.. the bottle itself, the little box it’s put in just embodies the marketing of “ooh.. black color.. badass..” LOL. I thought it was very well done~::REVIEW:: Urban Decay Perversion Mascara!PhotoGrid_1481409810964PhotoGrid_1481409785396PhotoGrid_1481409753899PhotoGrid_1481409725981PhotoGrid_1481409711708

Okay now the full size bottle sells for $24 at almost all retailers, the full size bottle is 12ml and I’m sure will last a long time. The mini size I’ve used about 20 times now and still no end is in sight. Very happy, Urban Decay has the best mascaras I think. I’m also still in love with the Canonball mascaraaa <3

I hope you guys enjoyed today’s revieww! I will have a new Youtube video post for you guys this Sunday!

Here is last week’s video for those who haven’t seen it yet!

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  1. Sounds like a decent product but I think I’ll stick to my Benefit Roller Lash since it’s been the only one that’s successfully curled and held my stick-straight lashes rofl

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