::No Buy Makeup March:: I ALMOST BROKE!

Hi Guys! March is over and it was miserable not buying makeup! I went to the mall so many timesssss… It was my birthday month I WANTED TO SPLURGEEEE.

I did go to Sephora to pick up my beauty insider birthday gift however! THAT I was not going to pass on, it’s not technically me spending money! lol. I got the Drunk Elephant skincare duo, i’ve never tried this brand before since it’s so expensive so I’m excited to try it!!!

What are your guys’ thoughts on Drunk Elephant?

P.s. I know my blog was dry last week, I will amp it up! I have big news taking over my life atm and I will explain soon!! <3

If you haven’t seen my latest video review here it is!

Thank you guys so much for reading!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. did you even make a dent in the korean stuff you bought months back??

    1. OH YEAH! lol totally going through them. the facemasks though…that will take me longer than a year i think..lolol

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