::Friyay:: NEW Products at Ulta Beauty!

Hi! I finally crawled out from under a rock and visited Ulta! As you guys know, I’m on a self-ban from purchasing makeup and cosmetics but I was bored at lunch and dropped by Ulta! BOY, do they have a lot of new stuff here! Most things I had already heard about, like Kylie Cosmetics and Morphe being sold at Ulta but there were a few suprises I wanted to share with you guys here!~

First, Tarte came out with an all vegan and cruelty-free line!! It is called Sugar Rush by Tarte! IT’S SO CUTE!!!

::Friyay:: NEW Products at Ulta Beauty!

So colorful and bright and happy-looking!! ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS SMELL SO AMAZINGLY BLISSFUL.. sooo yummy… and surprisingly decently priced! I think it’s a great idea for Tarte to release this brand right next to their own instead of doing something drastic like rebranding their original name.

PhotoGrid_1555682691079.jpgIt does feel a little young? Like maybe geared towards teenagers as opposed to older generations but I’d still buy it. Totally cute. Oh! And the brushes (top left corner on first picture) were INCREDIBLY soft. Definitely worth a try 🙂

PhotoGrid_1555682664463.::Friyay:: NEW Products at Ulta Beauty!


Next, color changing lipstick has finally hit retailers shelves… I had seen this stuff on Buzzfeed but didn’t think they’d much of an impact on mass market but I guess I was wrong-

::Friyay:: NEW Products at Ulta Beauty!

I think it’s an interesting concept but I wouldn’t buy lipstick because it’s interesting. I’d buy it cause its a good color and it’s cute. The only color on the picture above is maybe the morning sunshine. Everything else would look blehh on me.

Lastly! PopSugar Beauty – A brand new line by the popular PopSugar website. I saw this on twitter so I knew it was released… but I’m just underwhelmed?


Everything from the colors to the packaging seems so basic. Like not much thought was put into design… I get that they were going for the clean simple look but it’s a little TOO simple. I even swatched some of the lipsticks and it honestly felt like cheap lip crayons.

That being said I do have to give credit to how large their selection is for being such a startup beauty brand. And they got a big shelf space at Ulta so that says a lot as well~


What do you guys think? Which new products did you like?? Lemme know in the comments below! Next week I will cover the new Kbeaty items at Ulta hehe!

Thank you guys so much for reading!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. Those Tarte products look super cute and I love the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free…nice!! The color changing lipsticks are definitely not anything new. I remember mood lipsticks from back in the 80’s and 90’s. I actually had some. LOL!!

      1. Actually yes they did, they would change to a different color than what the lipstick looked like

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