::KBeauty:: What’s New at Ulta Beauty!

::KBeauty:: What's New at Ulta Beauty!Happy Wednesday!

Last week I reviewed the newest products I found at Ulta and today I will be covering the newest KBEAUTY products! Yay! The Ulta near my office has the biggest selection of Korean products and it was glorious to see.. With that said let’s see what they haveee!

First is this Oozoo Bear Black Space Pore Caring Mask. Totally cute 🙂 At first I didn’t recognize this brand at all but after some digging I actually have an Oozoo mask at home! I just haven’t tried it yet haha

This mask sells at Ulta for $4 which is really expensive but they said it’s a bamboo sheet mask instead of a cotton sheet mask so eh? I still think it’s too expensive… They also have this bear mask in Aurora Illuminating and Water-Bang Hydrating!

::KBeauty:: What's New at Ulta Beauty!PhotoG::KBeauty:: What's New at Ulta Beauty! hunnyy heyhunnyyrid_1555022133410.jpg

Next! Too Cool For School Pumpkin Hydra & Peeling Duo Pads! THEY MAKE PAD VERSION OF THIS MASKKKK ahkk! The pumpkin sheet masks are soooo famous in Kbeauty.. i tried it and personally didn’t feel so stellar but it is very well known.

I think the essence pads would be great daily use skincare but I’m reluctant on how often I’d actually use peeling pads since I have sensitive skin.



Just guess. …………. $18…. Say it with me- “OH HELL NO” $18 is wayyy too expensive for some silly pads.. I thought these were cute but now that I know the price I’m just annoyed. If you think these are worth it lemme know..

::KBeauty:: What's New at Ulta Beauty! hunnyy heyhunnyy

NEXT! This is really cool- clay cleansing beads!

::KBeauty:: What's New at Ulta Beauty! hunnyy heyhunnyy

The brand is Chok Chok which means ‘full of moisture’ in Korean. This is another brand I am not familiar with but it has really trendy packaging~! Judging from the picture above, pricing is a little higher than road shop brands but not by much. It does kind of feel like a Korean-American skincare brand like Peach & Lily… I want to look into this brand more in a video later!


So it seems like if you add water to these beads it will foam up and you can cleanse your face! Cute concept and I’d hope you’d only need one or two beads for your whole face. Otherwise it’s too expensive;; Also! It says gluten free, vegan and not tested on animals! Great great great *yayy*

Okay guys that was all I had for today’s post! I hope you guys saw some new products and enjoyed my blog! If you’ve tried any of these items lemme know in the comments below!!

Thank you guys so much for reading!!

xoxo, hunnyy

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  1. The Chok Chok brand looks pretty good. I’d try the serum if it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly.

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